Jose Burgos vs. Chief of Staff
G.R. No L-64261
December 26, 1984


Two warrants were issued against petitioners for the search on the premises of “Metropolitan Mail” and “We Forum” newspapers and the seizure of items alleged to have been used in subversive activities. Petitioners prayed that a writ of preliminary mandatory and prohibitory injunction be issued for the return of the seized articles, and that respondents be enjoined from using the articles thus seized as evidence against petitioner.

Petitioners questioned the warrants for the lack of probable cause and that the two warrants issued indicated only one and the same address. In addition, the items seized subject to the warrant were real properties.

Whether or not the two warrants were valid to justify seizure of the items.

CASE DIGEST: Jose Burgos vs. Chief of Staff

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Monday, July 2, 2012

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